Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Married for less than 1 year and my wife wants me to TURN ON THE FIND PHONE APP..so we can track each others phones when we lose them. All our phones are on the same account. No worries, but I'm curious why she wants to do this NOW. I told my buddy and he said DONT DO IT...she's wanting to TRACK YOUR AZZ! Wow, is that her intent?

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Elias Carrasco Jr.
What’s the issue? Before my wife and I were married. We always shared our location. You never know when you might go missing. Or there is no trust in the marriage.
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Joe Hernandez Jr.

Veeyyarreal Nada LaNorra
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Edie Aguirre Ortiz

Rebecca Hernández
If you don’t have nothing to hide then there shouldn’t be a problem.‍♀️

Virginia Lozano
Shouldn’t be a problem. Just turn it on. Right? Why cause an issue or make it an issue.
It does no harm to turn it on. Why have it off?

Ray Ray
I think it's awesome that she wants to track your phone. And you should want to track her phone as well. Maybe she really is concerned about you losing your phone and her hone will always be a BACKUP to find yours. It seems that she is trying to be responsible with your phones and that's a good thing.

And this is a problem why? It's NOT a problem. nothing to hide, nothing to worry about!

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