Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Does this kind of thing bother men? I'm a HAIRY chick AND do I have to take care of my face at times. I don't know why but I want to tell my man. I know it's not a big deal, but I have kept it from him for some time now. I'm just wondering how men feel about the things WE LADIES do and if they even care or notice. Are there certain things we should just keep to ourselves...like our lady beauty regimen?

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Chon Rodriguez
We men already know it’s no big deal. We see it but why tell him? Get brownie points? your not doing for him your doing it for you. The one thing us men do wish you ladies did was shave as often in the winter as you did in the summer. It be sounding li… See More
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Mario Juarez
I was once unfriended from facebook for telling a female friend she had a nice mustache... Sheeeeshhh ...some people just can't take good complements ...

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Angel Borunda
Chances are he already knows how "hairy" you really are

Darren Tryon
If I'm with you, it doesn't matter. Just dont start looking like Bigfoot.

Alfredo Ordonez

Cisco Castillo

Ricky Barrientes
Be honest with him. We need more honesty in this world.. If he act up you can use the mustache as a flex!

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