OMG is there anything United Supermarkets and Market Street does not do? You probably hear me talk about them quite a bit because they are my favorite. It is my store, where I shop for everything my family needs. Because of cleanliness, because of customer service, because of the rewards program they offer and so on and so forth. 

My go-to when I walk into any United Supermarket is straight up the ready meals section and the bakery. Those are the two I hit up first, grab my salmon and asparagus ready meal, my strawberry fields salad, occasionally some chicken spaghetti, then I head to the bakery for some macaroons or my favorite thumbprint cookies. I do not play! lol

United Supermarkets and Market Street never disappoint. I literally will have my list in my phone of the groceries I need for home and I will find everything on my list without fail. Right down to the chickpea pasta I eat and my kids favorite Lunchables for their school lunch.

Yesterday I made a quick stop at the United Supermarket on Wadley and Midland Dr.  for a couple of things and when I walked in immediately saw that they are offering COVID vaccines! Wow, if you have not received the vaccine yet and you want to, you can definitely hit up this location in Midland. (and other participating locations) Pass the info along to friends and family and get your vaccine while you shop at your favorite grocery store.

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