So, there are no new releases at the movie theaters! Don't let that stop you. Actually, it's kind of cool that you can watch some classics on the big screen. Movie theaters are having to show older titles because Hollywood is not releasing anything new.
Yes, you have seen these movies hundreds of time on regular TV at your home, but wouldn't it be cool to experience these classics on the big screen? That's exactly what's happening now until Hollywood releases some new stuff which is probably gong to be around the middle of July. So until then, enjoy watching some classic for the first time on the big screen or maybe again since you were younger.
Any suggestions on older movies you want to see on the big screen? I actually think it would be cool to see 'The Shinning' and 'Twister' again on the big screen.
Here's what's showing at Big Sky Drive in this weekend!

Via Big Sky Drive IN Website
Via Big Sky Drive IN Website

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