This is insane to say the least! How about this guy from Minnesota who set out to meet every single Facebook friend he has? There are OVER 400 of them! 

35 year old Mikel McLaughlin set out in his Volkswagen Beetle and set off on a month long road trip to attempt to meet and take photos with everyone he has 'friended' on Facebook. Who has that kind of time and money? lol If I attempted to do that, I would have to seek out childhood friends that I haven't seen since like 4th grade if they moved away or something?

And what about those people that you friend that you know you know them from somewhere, you just can't remember where, so in order to keep from being rude, you give them a 'courtesy friend.' lol Or the ones that live in another state or country? Heck to the no would I want to take on this task! If you had the opportunity, would you want to meet, in person, every one of your Facebook friends?


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