road trip

Road Trip Playlist
With Spring Break fast approaching, alot of people will be hitting the road, whether close by or far away. Road trips will be happening throughout the week and if you are like me, the fight for what the entire vehicle can agree on to listen to is on! Actually, moreso between mom and dad because the …
Take A Road Trip With Chick-fil-A Get Free Food For A Year!
This morning Leo & Rebecca had our friends with Chick-fil-A on the radio to talk about something really cool 'Road Trip' they have going on tomorrow, Wednesday. If you would like to participate and pay it forward, plus have a chance to win free Chick-fil-A for a year, the first 100…
road map
So the other day I took a little bit of a road trip. Not fun but it had to be done and as long as I took my Google Maps along with me, all is well right? Umm no actually. All it did was find me the 'faster route' and got me lost.