Where was this kind of fun when I was younger? On a recent road trip I was behind this vehicle and thought omg how fun! I took quite a few road trips with a bunch of girlfriends back in the day and some days I wish social media had been around at the time and sometimes I'm grateful it wasn't. 

As you can see, this road trippin bunch was asking everyone to buy the birthday girl a shot. Then they proceeded to include a CashApp and Venmo account so you could send her money. (I purposely left that part out of the photo)

All my girls and I had to resort to in our 20's was hittin' up some clubs and hoping someone would buy us a round. Now you can display a little message on your ride and your entire weekend is a success! Can you imagine how much money this girl made?

Girls trips have come a long way that's for sure! One of my most memorable was about 6 of us headed to Hill Country in an old school Mustang, crammed, uncomfortable, squeezed in like sardines, sitting on laps, switching places in a few cities along the way. That in itself was a great experience for us!

Just for fun I would imagine that people were sending her a couple of bucks here and there and it all added up. At least I hope that was the case!


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