Christmas is less than 100 days away. I'm not ready. I won't even be ready on Christmas Eve tbh. lol I am not one of those 'let me get a head start on my shopping' type people. But I know some who are. I have at least three family members that will literally be done with all of their Christmas shopping by Halloween and they give the best gifts!

How do I become the person who knows exactly what to buy for everyone in my family? Aside from my children handing me lists of exactly what they want, I am horrible with knowing what to buy. In fact, I've been known to buy something for a certain someone, second guess myself, take it back and find something different. Then I regret taking the original gift back and thus begins my cycle. I overthink everything!

I typically start my Christmas shopping beginning of December, so at least I'm not a last minute shopper but it truly would not be a bad idea to start now and hit up some great sales and give myself plenty of time to come up with ideas. Maybe this is my year!

What is your routine? With less than 100 shopping days before Christmas, when will you get started? Do you take care of immediate family first, then move on to extended family and friends or do you do it all at once? And when will you get started? Sooner or later?

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