There's no going back from that one. I can never unsee what I saw today and I REALLY wish I could. I don't think I've ever gagged and cried at the same time before but there's a first time for everything. You call it being a wimp, I call it multitasking.

So there I was in the bathroom washing my hands, minding my own damn business when suddenly there it was. Whoever designed this bathroom was sadistic because there's no way this was an accident. From this sink, if you look directly in the mirror, it focuses directly through the crack in the door of the stall behind you. As I looked up to grab a paper towel I caught a brief but definite glimpse of the exact spot where the leg fat, stomach fat, and upper wiener area fat all meet up on another dude.

You can chew gum to get a taste out of your mouth but there's nothing you can to to flush an image like that out of your eyes. That's just a think I've seen now. In the words of Tin Tin from The Crow, "There Ain't No Comin' Back!"

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