Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Hey guys, NO DRAMA here..just a question. My story has a great ending actually. I'm re-marrying my ex wife. We got a divorce about 5 years ago but we have gotten back together and things couldnt be better. We are going to have a ceremony and I just wanted to know if I need to get ANOTHER RING for her? She has always kept the original ring I got for her when we first got married.
New ring new marriage
Old ring old marriage
If she wanted to keep it for a keepsake that’s cool but other wise yes she needs a new ring
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Rebecca Hernández
YES New ring leave the past in the past including the old ring.
· Reply · · 1h
Malerie Almager
New Ring, the old one has old memories and the new one will represent new beginnings.
· Reply · · 34m

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Jacob Garcia
Dude why even ask that dumb question? You know all the women are going to say New Ring.
· Reply · · 42m
Adrienne Martinez
You should just buy her a new one if you ask me.. New Ring, New Memories and a New beginning. Leave the old one behind and start Fresh! Congratulations!
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Chon Rodriguez
Hey congrats!!! new ring new beginnings bro… don’t need that bad luck coming back lol… also new ring 💍 but not an upgrade she gotta start from ground zero again on the small ring!!!

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Heather Cadena Fuentes
New life together, new ring!

Debbie Barrera Baeza
A new ring for new beginnings

Jenny Penny Freeman
I have a cousin who has married her husband 3 times. It's a new ring every time

Michelle Haney
New ring for surE

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