I am telling you right now, Leo and I and several other coworkers have been huge fans of one particular reality show from.day.one... I'm talking about Big Brother on CBS! Tbh if there were any show we would consider being a part of, it would be this one. Every summer for over 20 seasons, we have not missed an episode of BB. If you are also a fan, they are doing a casting call here in Texas! 

An open casting call will be held in San Antonio this week! If you do not mind your every move being captured on camera, pretty much 24/7, living in a house full of complete strangers and are extremely competitive, then maybe this is the show for you. This Thursday, the open casting call will be held at the Hard Rock Cafe on 111 W. Crockett St. in San Antonio, TX. Or you can submit your online app on the official Big Brother website. FYI if you are wondering what the reward is, you have the opportunity to win $500,000!


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