Big Brother

Big Brother Coming To Texas
I am telling you right now, Leo and I and several other coworkers have been huge fans of one particular reality show I'm talking about Big Brother on CBS! Tbh if there were any show we would consider being a part of, it would be this one. Every summer for over 20 seasons, we have not…
My favorite show on TV right now and every summer is Big Brother. Hands down, can't miss the show.
On last night's episode, Christmas, one of the house guest this year revealed something pretty bad azz!
She was actually the first woman to be on a NASCAR Pit Crew...
Big Brother 16 Update!
If you are keeping up with Big Brother like we are, you know it's getting good! Finally the claws are coming out and the backstabbing begins. lol
Rebecca’s Take: Big Brother Season 16 Cast Revealed
It's almost time for season 16 of one of mine and Leo's favorite shows, Big Brother! This is one show that we both follow faithfully and today the cast was announced. The big question was, is it going to be a new cast, an all star season or even a mixture of old and new houseguests? Actual…
BB Sun Recap; The End is Near…Thankfully.
Pretty much Big Brother on Sunday was a throw away show. Why am I losing interest in this show with 2 to go?  I mean usually I would be pumped about the finale being two shows away but I guess most of the excitement is gone for me.  Maybe it's because the remaining three are just kind…
Ian Wins Big Brother 14
Summer is officially over for me because Big Brother is done. Love the show and it has always been my summer viewing addiction. Last night the 14th winner of Big Brother was announced and it went to Ian.