I’m going to get to do something I’ve never done this Saturday! I’ve never been to a foam party and it seems like the one I’m going to in going to be a doozie!

It’s The End of the Summer Foam party this Saturday and what’s better is I’m not only attending but I’m going to be live with B93.


I honestly never really cared too much to go to a foam party before. I’ve been to raves, concerts, shin digs, hoedowns, hootinanies (however you spell that) keggers, yoga parties, 80’s and 90’s Bashes, Sleepovers, lock ins, blow outs, you name it I’ve done it but every time I mention this foam party people freak out. “FOAM PARTY?!?!? WHERE? WHAT TIME? DUUUUUDE HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO ONE?”


So I feel like maybe I’ve been missing out on something I had no idea I was missing out on. Then on top of all that, they’re giving away $1,800 in cash for Twerking, bikini contests, and for the ladies a Magic Mike contest.


This is going to be INSANE!! I’ve never seen what a girl would do to for $1,000 cash in person before but I’ve heard many a rap songs about it. Bands uh make her dance, bands uh make her dance, Imma party like I’m Juicy J SON!!!!

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