This is pretty cool of Bud Light to make our own special cans. Can I get a DILLY DILLY! Man I love those commercials. I'd like to think that if I wrote TV commercials, Bud Light and Old Spice commercials would be my specialty.

My only question about this wonderful can is, are we really special or does Bud Light do this for every state like a cheating dirty aluminum prostitute? YOU TOLD ME I WAS SPECIAL BUD LIGHT! YOU TOLD ME I WAS SPECIAL AND PRETTY DAMMIT! Seriously though, do any of you guys know if this is just a Texas thing or if Bud Light is just playin' games with the heart of Texas? Don't mess with Texas Bud Light. We have guns coming out of our ears and not only are we not afraid to use them, we are actually looking for excuses to use them. COME AT ME BRO!