All apples are created equal right? A few years ago I would have said, yes just give me a red one and be done with it. Seriously, I grew up eating red apples or green apples, whatever mom grabbed at the store that day and didn't think twice about it, I've always loved apples! Cut to, summer of 2020 when I tried a new one and now there is no other for me...

Honeycrisp apples are my jam! A family member told me, 'I promise it is the sweetest, best apple you will ever taste and you will be hooked.' I thought yeah right what do you know? She knows a lot about apples apparently, because she was right. Let us compare the only ones I have ever really tried..

  • red delicious-described as the 'American apple' sweet but mild flavor
  • green or Granny Smith apple-in my opinion, this is the most tart apple-take a bite and you will surely make a face
  • red gala-to me, the perfect combination of both red delicious and Granny Smith-starts out sweet with a hint of that bitterness

Legit the only apples I had ever tried in my life. I thought these were the only ones that existed because they are the only ones I had ever grown up eating. lol As an adult, browsing the produce section, buying groceries for my own household, I was shocked to learn that there are soooo many more than I could have ever imagined. Consider that one of my resolutions this year, 'to try every single one.'

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