All Apples Are Created Equal….Right?
All apples are created equal right? A few years ago I would have said, yes just give me a red one and be done with it. Seriously, I grew up eating red apples or green apples, whatever mom grabbed at the store that day and didn't think twice about it, I've always loved apples! Cut to, summe…
With Or Without Ice Cream?
I love me some cantaloupe! This particular cantaloupe is from my brother's garden and it is yummy. Over the weekend, as I cut it up, my family started digging in and my significant other went straight to the freezer for vanilla ice cream. Gross!
I Cannot Get Enough Of This During Quarantine
Things I'm surviving on during quarantine. This right here gives me life! I LOVE fruit. My 6 year old and I both do. Is there such a thing as a 'fruitatarian' because that would be us. lol Now that the temps have been so hot, it's not unusual for my daughter and I to load up on a…
Tips On How To Pick Certain Fruits
I swear I have to ask this question from time to time because I legit do not know. I love love love fruit of all kinds, so I'm constantly buying it even thought half the time I don't know how? I bought both oranges and grapefruit the other day and just blindly grabbed a few of both...
anyone know what these are?
Things you don't see often in our neck of the woods....these crazy looking fruits that I spotted in Miami recently. Why is there a 'hairy, red fruit' on that table? To the left of the hairy monster is a cicada looking fruit and on the right are something that resemble peanuts but I hi…
This Will Brighten My Day Anyday
Some ladies are all about flowers and I'm not against them by any means, but this is definitely the way to win me over....with my favorite, FRUIT! You cannot go wrong with an edible arrangement for this girl. Someone knew that and hooked me up big time the other day. Color me happy!
have some fruit
I had honestly never noticed this until I saw it posted on Facebook. Can I say as a parent of a 2 year old this makes me so happy! Anytime we are at the grocery store and go through produce, my daughter wants an apple or banana. At Market Street now, she can have one!