All Apples Are Created Equal….Right?
All apples are created equal right? A few years ago I would have said, yes just give me a red one and be done with it. Seriously, I grew up eating red apples or green apples, whatever mom grabbed at the store that day and didn't think twice about it, I've always loved apples! Cut to, summe…
Olives-Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em?
Do you see what this cute, little dog has in his martini? lol OLIVES! Let's talk olives. I am hands down a fan. Black olives, green olives, bring me all the olives! With an adult beverage, on my pizza, by themselves, I will tear them up.  Leo on the other hand HATES all olives. That is usu…
Which Are You? Red Or Green?
One thing I know about my 4-3-2 peeps, we love to eat! Why? Because we have the best food hands down right here in West Texas. This plate of food I had the other day is proof. Enchiladas are one of my absolute favorites if I'm eating mexican food.