It is Spring Break time! This week several area schools are out for Spring Break while several other surrounding areas are out next week. Other than the Christmas break, this is what students look forward to the most! So the question is, what are you doing or plan to do depending on when your Spring Break is....

Here are some suggestions if you are planning a 'staycation.'

  • Go For a Walk

    There are parks all over Midland/Odessa and they’re free to go to. Bring a couple bottles of water so you don’t get dehydrated and enjoy being outside. Trust, after all the winter weather we had last year, it’s nice to finally go outside without a coat. Enjoy it! If the park really isn’t your thing and you really want to get away from the crazy driving, construction and stress, there is the I-20 Wildlife Preserve. It’s really quiet and a good place to think and just get away. They're located at 2201 S. Midland Drive in Midland.

  • Enjoy Nature with the Kids

    The Sibley Nature center has some specials this month for the kiddos. There is a Spring Break Nature Club on March 9 where you can enjoy the outdoors and keep your kids learning over the break. They’re also hosting a Mommy and Me in Nature event on March 17 where the kids can sing songs, hear stories and take part in crafts.

  • Walk Around Downtown Midland or Odessa

    You and I both know that usually, we’re so busy driving around and avoiding traffic that we don’t notice all the buildings in downtown Midland or Odessa. There is actually quite a bit of history there and you don’t have to spend a whole lot of gas getting to each place. They’re all in walking distance so park the car and take a look around.

  • Have a Picnic

    I know that sounds cliché, but have you ever just bought or a made a lunch and ate somewhere you haven’t been? Try the fountain in Centennial Plaza or Memorial Park in Odessa. Change it up a bit!

  • Go to Museums

    There are several museums here in West Texas you can go to and take the kids to. The Petroleum Museum at 1500 W I-20 is really cool and they’ve been renovating it for some time now so it’s better than ever. You can also check out the CAF Museum at 9600 Wright Dr, Midland, TX 79706

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