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Looking for a great place to celebrate summer in Texas?

 Look no further.

Here is our awesome guide to Texas Summer Destination Spots for Families in 2023.

Let's start with Incredible Texas Rivers!

We are a state with so many amazing water opportunities so let's say that ANY of the hot tubing spots like Comal, FrioGuadalupe, and San Marcos are worthy of a summer vacation getaway perfect for families.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-03-16 090705

One of my favorite river tubing destinations in the Guadalupe, but I'm biased because I love love love staying at Rez on the Guadalupe also known as Tipis on the Guadalupe too.

These tipis are big enough to split with families who enjoy each other's company!

TSM/Ingra Lee
TSM/Ingra Lee

If you are looking for a super safe place to play on the Gulf Coast, check out Rockport Beach.

Photo Credit/ILS
Photo Credit/ILS

Its shallow Aransas Pass waters are perfect for parents with little ones to play in under the watchful eye of their family. In fact, if you are an adult and afraid of deep water, this is the beach for you too!

Check out our article on Rockport Beach.

Want something to do from your car in the air condition? Well, Texas has you covered!

Covered from the sun at Natural Bridge Caverns and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. Go earlier in the morning or later in the evening for your best chance of serious social interaction with the animals at the Wildlife Ranch.

So fun for all ages, I love to go with family.


Speaking of family, don't forget to add Morgan's Wonderland to the list of the best spots for a summer vacation in Texas.

Morgan's Wonderland is perfect for families with children who have special needs.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-28 104638

Don't like crowds? Check this out!

You can rent an ENTIRE waterpark/ resort for your family!

It's called Red Sands Ranch and we've got three reasons you should check into this incredible AirB&B!


Looking for an awesome AirB&B? We've got so many amazing ones in Texas!

Check out our full list in the button below.

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We've given you several options so far, but you need to know,

There are three places in Texas that TEXANS want to visit the most!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-28 105332

Check out the top three in the button below!

We are even opening our first GLOW IN THE DARK PLAYGROUND in Texas now too! It's called Joya at Oran Good Park in Farmers Branch texas and it's set to open this summer! More info for this incredible playground can be found in the button below!

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So where is the best place to vacation in Summer in Texas?


Y'all come back now you hear?

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