Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Dating this new girl and we've been out 3 or 4 times. Things are going pretty good. But, she asked me to do something that I don't understand. She told me NOT to post anything on socials until we've been dating at least 2 months, if we get there. I've dated plenty and no one has ever asked this of me. What's happening here?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?

Eric Holguin
She wants to know if you can make it to 2 months, then she'll break up with her man!! Stay woke

Melissa Duran
Keeping a relationship private is not the same as hiding. You have no idea (friends included) who envies your happiness

Valerie L Jimenez
hmmm that’s a little sus but at the same time I get it. She wants to enjoy it more to herself..I’m sure close friends & family know so don’t worry ! Sometimes social media can ruin a relationship for the fact that people are jealous and envious. So … See More

Mario Juarez
In other words ...she's waiting on the guy that completes her set of 4 tires ... You're the spare donut for right now ...

Henry Carrasco

Saul Sauceda
She gets around and doesn't want you to ruin that for her

Ray Ray
Perfect, do what she wants, like that when you dump her nobody will know the better. No need to post that stuff on social media anyways. You will be better off not posting anything.

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