Can we put this article in the things I wish my not-yet-mom friends would stop giving me advice on file? Seriously, I think I can speak for most mom's when I say that I wish my friend's that don't have children would stop telling me how to raise mine. Smdh. Why is it that these folks insist on giving you their two cents when it's not warranted? Like 'ok Karen please tell me how you being a dog mom is so similar to me being an actual mother of 3!?' Let me make a list of things I've been given advice on, let's see if you can relate:

  • how to swaddle my (then) baby
  • how to put a baby to sleep
  • how to let my baby self-soothe/fall asleep on their own
  • when to change my baby's diaper
  • when to stop bottle feeding
  • how I should NOT be letting my baby have a pacifier
  • when to start solid foods
  • how to keep baby from making a mess with their food
  • why baby 'should be' crawling/walking by now
  • how to keep baby from throwing a fit in public
  • what school my child should attend
  • what sports my child should play/not play
  • how to discipline/not discipline my child
  • should my child be in honors courses?
  • which teacher my child should/should not have

I mean the list could go on and on. The point is, if you do not have children, don't come at me with how to handle mine. I tuned you out the second you said, 'if they were my kids I would...' Yeah, well they're not. Thank you, next, have a nice day. (in my most sarcastic voice)
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