Everyone is anticipating their 'stimulus check, quarantine cash,' whatever you are calling it, and many Americans are wondering when the check will drop. From what I understand, Congress is working as diligently and quickly as possible to see that those checks start going out by mid-April. However, do you know if you will actually be receiving one? Let's break down who will NOT be receiving the extra $1200 or whatever your case may be, each situation is different...

those who do NOT qualify to receive a stimulus check are as follows:

  • college students and 17 year olds
  • disabled persons whose parents support them
  • senior citizens living with their children
  • immigrants without social security numbers
  • babies born in 2020
  • high earners who lost their jobs
  • parents who split custody
  • recently divorced or estranged
  • those who owe back child support

If you fall under any of these categories you may research further as to why you are not eligible.

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