This literally just happened to me so I felt compelled to blog about it. lol The struggle is real when you have children, specifically school-aged kiddos. I missed a call from the school, the dreaded oh-my-gosh-what-did-my-kid-do-now-call? When I realized it, I called the office at the school and proceeded to try to figure out what the problem might be? 

I 'assumed' my son had gotten in trouble....always assume the worst right? lol Nope, he wasn't. The secretary asks, does he have lunch money? Check. Did you sign the parent form for the upcoming field trip or pay the money for the shirt for said field trip? Check, check. Is my kid sick and needs me to come pick him up or bring him medicine? Negative.

Turns out 'picture money' is due today and I didn't send it. OMG! Are you for real that we have to go through all of this just to find out who and what the call was about? lol The joys of being a parent. Do you deal with this regularly?