There are 2 types of office workers. Those that BRING Starbucks to work on the daily and the type who just drink the office coffee. We have 1 co-worker who will NOT touch the office coffee and is always slinging around the Starbucks.

As for myself, I work to early to stop by Starbucks and honestly the office coffee does the job. Now, I will admit that every now and then, like this morning, the office coffee just isn't tasting right at all. It's hit or miss with office coffee but, it is more convenient. Plus lets talk about the money you save by drinking the office coffee. What does Starbuck average nowadays? At least 5 bucks per coffee right?

And, another advantage to office coffee, is you don't have to deal with the crazy menu at Starbucks. How does anyone know what to order with all the different choices?

I will admit that a GOOD Starbucks coffee though does hit the spot. I guess I'm just jealous that I can't hit it up at 4am in the morning.

So, what type of office coffee drinker are you? Bring your own or drink the office coffee?

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