James Corden who is the host of The Late, Late Show has a feature he calls 'Carpool Karaoke.' He's done some karaoke with Mariah Carey and now Justin Bieber got in on the action. Loving it! Especially the part where they bust out with some Boyz II Men, which is definitely a great song to sing along with in the car. But it made me think...it is true that there is always that one song that you sing at the top of your lungs when you are driving down the road, by yourself and you hear it on the radio. Think about it, you're cruising along, you hear it, you crank it up and IT.IS.OVER! What is that song for you? The first song that popped in my head as I type this blog is without a doubt, Alanis Morrissette, Ironic.'It's like rain on your wedding day, it's a free ride when you've already paid....'  When I hear that jam, I stop everything and transform into Alanis, true story. lol That's a great song to belt out just FYI! What is that one song for you?

Watch Justin Bieber do some 'Carpool Karaoke' here:

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