My procedure is done with Medical Spa of Midland. Everything went well, I am in the recovery phase right now and will actually go for my 1 week follow-up appointment this week. Many have asked me about the procedure itself... 

I can say that all went well, it lasted about 5 hours and while I was in and out of it during that time, because of the local anesthesia, I do not remember much. I remember waking up once and experiencing some 'discomfort,' then going right back to sleep. Which is exactly what I had hoped for.

In the days following, there has been some soreness involved but with medication and being under the care of the Dr. and the great people at Medical Spa, I have been able to ask questions and receive answers right away about what I have been going through. 

Have I seen results right away? Absolutely! Especially in my chest area, but I was forewarned about the swelling that is normal about such a procedure, so my body is still in the healing phase, therefore you will not see me on the streets and think these are my results. I am required to wear a compression undergarment during this time. I am anticipating though that if these are an indication of my results, I am one happy girl! Feel free to ask questions about my procedure and I will answer honestly. You can also contact the Medical Spa of Midland for a no obligation, free consultation at (432)689-6300.

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