I had this earth shattering/life changing realization this morning while getting ready for work. You know, one of those realizations that stop you dead in your tracks.

Bruh, How did Uncle Phil have such a nice house if he was just a judge?

I know judges make good money, but giant mansion in Bel-Air WITH A DAMN BUTLER ON STAFF money? That really doesn't seem likely. I think Uncle Phil was collecting bribes on the side. I know what you're thinking. He was a partner at a law firm before he was a judge so he had money stacked up. This is true but lets look at his expenses. Land taxes in Bel-Air aren't cheap, not to mention huge home owner association fee's in that neighborhood. Lets think about security fee's, lawn care, electricity, high end private schools for his 4 kids plus Will, Jeffrey's salary, plus all the trips they go on, and Hillary's constant "Daddy...I need 500 dollars". We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses more than what he would make as a judge for a good 10 to 15 years after he was a lawyer. Was he corrupt, or was the house just too expensive to maintain on his judges salary after several years of supporting his family plus Will in Bel-Air?

I'm deeply saddened by this realization. My childhood is ruined. Someone please prove me wrong.

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