I think we all have that one toy we didn't get as a child. The one we wanted so bad we could see it in our dreams when we slept and we fantasized about it all day when we were awake. For me, it was the original Powerwheels Big Foot. In 1988 there was no cooler toy. It was the ultimate toy. It had forward and reverse in TWO SPEEDS and I could run over my little brother with it!

...Which is probably why I didn't get it btw. Perhaps so eagerly vocalizing how excited the thought of rolling over my stupid little brother made me, had a slight hand in me not getting what my heart so desired. If I got one today, the first thing I'd do is call my brother over and run right over his stupid face with it! Sorry bro. I love you but man that is an itch way too deep not to scratch lol.

What was your one toy that got away?

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