What happened in Vegas was truly horrible but let's not focus on the act of one psycho while freaking out about how horrible the world is or how horrible mankind is. That ONE dumb a$$ and his actions were met with literally THOUSANDS of acts of kindness when our fellow man was in need. People stopped everything to rush to the aid of others. They took strangers to the hospital. They comforted one another while bullets reigned down upon them. They donated blood. People came, and continue to come by the masses to help.

Don't let social media make the actions of one mad man over shadow what the masses have ALWAYS done when others are suffering. Mankind isn't lost. It just takes people looking at what's right in front of them to see it. How many times in our lives do we let one negative thing make us forget all we should be thankful for? Now is not the time to forget all the good that has been done. Now is the time to see that for every piece of s*** out there, there are tens of thousands of good people ready to help.

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