I had such an amazing mom moment recently, it was a major 'I-told-you-so-moment!' I was asking my son about his first couple of weeks of school like teachers, friends, girls...lol He told me about a girl he knew a few years ago who was a little 'nerdy, with braces and kind of awkward.' Then he says, now that she's older, she's beautiful, has completely grew out of her awkwardness and he ran into her at school.So of course, I busted out with I TOLD YOU SO! Omg, I remember having a conversation about this years ago and I distinctly said, 'be careful son, the most awkward girls end up being the best looking.' BOOM! The day has come, momma was right. Momma knew best, I tried to warn him and now the beauty has a boyfriend! And he thought I didn't know what I was talking about at the time. When was the last time this happened with your kids?