Well the day has come. My son has officially started dating. This was taken last week on his 14th B Day. The poor kid takes after me so much it's pitiful. His girlfriend Eden, him, and her father went to the movies together. I didn't wanna embarrass the poor boy so I took this when I dropped him off at the theater....then I cried....literally.

As you may have noticed, he is wearing an Army hoodie. He is dead set of joining the Army when he turns 18 and becoming a combat medic. Don't get me wrong, I think that's great but it all hit me at once how little time I have left with him. I know the term is thrown around a lot but it seems like just yesterday that he was hoping around in a diaper yelling Flogging Molly lyrics while strumming on a pink guitar. (yes I realize that is a lot of weird things in one sentence) After he gets into the Army, I wont see him everyday. He won't tell me how his day was all the time. He wont be around to constantly make really lame jokes and I will only get to see him a couple of times a year for the rest of our lives. Even just typing this a week later is just too much. I need another 14 years with him at home....lol then again, a 28 year old who still lives at home might not be the best thing for him either. I sure hope he knows how much he means to me before he moves away though.