TikTokers are calling this the 'most festive restaurant in Texas.' I don't know about you but this time of year, I truly enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. In my hometown if I know a particular area goes all out with Christmas lights, our family will drive around and admire them all. 

Or if I'm visiting another city and someone recommends a zoo, a park, a neighborhood, I'm there! No matter how long the line. lol I love this kind of a thing and I truly try to make the holidays as memorable as possible for my children.

So this is why I would love to visit this restaurant in Dallas, that really 'decks the halls!' No lie, this would be a first. I've never been to a festive restaurant. I am here for this holiday party!

[video width="576" height="1024" mp4="https://townsquare.media/site/523/files/2021/11/attachment-v09044g40000c65eiorc77uf7icapgd0.mp4"][/video]

This is Campo Verde, located in Arlington, TX a Mexican food restaurant that some would consider extremely 'Christmasy' in the best way possible.

It has even been featured in the Christmas edition of the Texas Bucket List as a definite must see place to visit during the holidays! Add it to your 'bucket list' if you will.

The restaurant has had the same owner since 1978, in the exact same location and says that it is 'a fun tradition' that he has enjoyed for many years. Mr. James Williams the owner, says that

it is a celebration and that the Griswold family has nothing on him! He also says he can tell the first-timers from the regulars when they walk into the restaurant and their jaws drop when they first see the lights and decorations.

At this particular restaurant, Christmas begins in October and doesn't end until April, as far as the decorations go because that is when they get put up and taken down and the customers love it!

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