Why is there such a debate when it comes to a good old fashioned hot dog? lol This is what we had for lunch at work today and something so simple sparked so many conversations about how people eat their hot dogs differently. It's the 'great hot dog debate!.' lol

Seriously, I was surprised at how many people have never eaten a chili dog. What the heck? I prefer my hot dogs with chili and shredded cheese. Which brings up another point. Leo likes sliced cheese on his. Weird. Another coworker asked why in the world a person would put mustard with chili? Holy cow! Do these people never leave home? And last but not least, apparently I'm a 'freak' because I eat my chili dog with a fork. So a girl doesn't want to get her hands all dirty...what of it? lol Please do tell how do you like your hot dogs?

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