ketchup or mustard?
Do you not just have a craving every now and then for corn dogs? I get that way so I had to grab me some mini's. I was with bae and offered to share. He was down until he saw the ketchup. lol Apparently he's never tried corn dogs with ketchup! Wth? Then you haven't lived boo-boo!
Mustard or Ketchup
So I had a debate going on with my coworkers recently about which condiment they prefer with corn dogs. (we are so exciting we do debate these things) lol As you can see, I like both! I love ketchup and mustard and alternate between bites but I think the popular consensus among my crew was....
The Great B93 Hot Dog Debate-How Do You Like Yours?
Why is there such a debate when it comes to a good old fashioned hot dog? lol This is what we had for lunch at work today and something so simple sparked so many conversations about how people eat their hot dogs differently. It's the 'great hot dog debate!.' lol