Here we go again with a debate. It seems that all we do is disagree in our workplace! lol But it is really just about the most trivial stuff. Today, we had a discussion about ICE. As in who has the best in town? We have 1 coworker who takes all the change from the 'ice fund' and buys bags to have here in the breakroom freezer for all of us to enjoy. 

We had another coworker make a different request this morning and ask if he would stop by Taco Villa and get a couple of bags of the good 'pellet ice.' That is my personal favorite but of course that started the discussion of who has the best ice in the 4-3-2? If you are not a fan of pellet ice and like to actually chew on the ice like I do, then maybe that's not for you. Who do you think has the best ice in this area?