Check Out This Bumper Sticker!
OMG file this in the best-bumpersticker-I've-seen-in-a-long-time category! Can you read it? I was trying to snap a pic as we were stopped at a red light. lol
Help A Girl Out With My Current Food Craving
Do you ever just get on one of those kicks where you cannot get enough of a particular food? No I'm not pregnant. lol These days I'm all about enchiladas, or 'chiladas' as my daughter calls them. There are none as good as my momma's but still....
White Queso or Regular?
I am telling you right now, in my opinion, the queso at any mexican food restaurant can make or break that establishment for me. I hit up some lunch the other day at Delicia's and ordered queso. Yes please, I quickly discovered I could drink this stuff...why? Because it 's the white cheese…
What Is This Mangonada I've Heard About?
I really have to try something that I hear so many people talk about. So many of my friends are huge friends of the mangonada! I have never tried one. What is it? Mango is about the only thing I know for sure and I love me some mango!
sweet tea
I had a friendly disagreement with a friend the other day over who has the best sweet tea in the area? Come on, we live in Texas and we love our sweet tea, that's a given but when it comes to my tea, if I have to add a packet of Sweet N' Low then it is definitely NOT sweet enough!
who has the best
As I sit and eat my lunch and thoroughly enjoy my milkshake, I have come to the realization that Texas Burger has the best milkshakes in the 4-3-2! The one I'm having today is a rocky road milkshake which Chris Brizzown was shocked to hear. He was not aware that they can make a milkshake out of…
who has the best here
Here we go again with a debate. It seems that all we do is disagree in our workplace! lol But it is really just about the most trivial stuff. Today, we had a discussion about ICE. As in who has the best in town? We have 1 coworker who takes all the change from the 'ice fund' and buys bags …