IT'S GOING TO BE OK PEOPLE! Calm down. Tame your tatas. Soothe your boobs. De-stress your breasts. Adjust your Bust. Lower the Calamity of your mammaries. Hakuna your tatas. It's nothing to have a rack attack about.

We go through this every 4 years, every 4 years its the exact same thing, and 4 years later we are still here to do it again. The only difference is every year that people get more and more ridiculous about the claims for their candidate and against the opposing candidate. Last election we had an "undercover Muslim terrorist without a birth certificate". This year people are basically claiming that Hillary actually sacrificed blood to Satan and Trump is a child molester. . . Just process that for a second. Go to the DPS office ans try to renew you license. It's harder than putting a filling in a crocodiles tooth yet people wholeheartedly believe that someone running for president snuck all this stuff past our government then it came out conveniently during a campaign . . . bruh, c'mon now.

Tomorrow things will be exactly the same as they always have been. Absolutely ridiculous and that's what we were used to to begin with.