We all knew this time would come and it's now among us. Don't panic. We'll make it through this as long as we don't make any sudden movements.

There are mixed feelings among the female community about the hair trend known as the man bun. Some love it and some think it's an instant deal breaker. I did some asking around the office to see what the ladies think of the man bun fedora, and the vote was unanimous. They were all laughing too hard while shaking their heads to voice an opinion. With that said, I can only come to this one conclusion.

Ladies love a guy with a great sense of humor. If you play it right, this could definitely get you laid at a bar ONE TIME as long as you're a funny enough guy to pull it off. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT become "that guy". By that I mean, "The idiot seen 5 times at a club with a man bun fedora" guy. You will never get laid again once you have that title following you around.  It's a rookie mistake and you hate to see it.

Check em out ladies.