This is starting to get a bit ridiculous. The oil boom has been gone for well over a year now, yet rent and house prices have barely moved. I don't even know very many single adults who can afford to live alone in this area. Everyone has to have roommates. My first 2 bedroom apartment was $495 a month and that wasn't even the cheapest.

As far as I can tell, 1 Bedroom apartments are still pushing $1,000 per month at any halfway descent complex. What are single mothers and fathers supposed to do here? I actually had to take a roommate I met on craigslist during the oil boom. The funny thing is, he actually ended up being the best roommate I have ever had. He always had money for rent and bill, was never home because he worked in the oilfield, and was always either sleeping too hard to be disturbed or down to party when he was off. However, I feel the need to stress the fact that this isn't your typical Craigslist roommate story. I got extremely lucky.

How do you guys deal with the insane rent prices in the 432?