Yesterday was not a good day. So we all have had our flight delays and other stuff happen at airports and such. Luggage ends up missing or other crazy airport mishaps. But yesterday was insane.

Was on a flight from Dallas to Midland, so I thought. Yesterday the weather was bad here in Midland so much so that our flight was delayed. But, when we did finally get up in the air and made our way to Midland as we were approaching the airport the rain and turbulence was still bad. Here's the crazy part. We were coming into Midland and actually was coming in for a landing in Midland when all of a sudden the pilot pulls up the plane and starts to ascend back up into the clouds. We next here ' the weather is so bad that we could not land and are being diverted to Roswell, New Mexico.'

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Roswell has an airport? Who knew? So off to Roswell we go. Here's the thing, when we land in Roswell you would have thought it was an abandon
airport. It literally looked like a graveyard for airplanes. As we were landing you could see at least 60 abandoned planes lined up on runways.
It was something out of a creepy horror movie. LOL

So this airport has 1 gate and here's the kicker and scary part, as we all get off the plane and are walking into the airport the security guy has to go turn on the lights to the airport. Yep, the lights were off. There was no food or gift shop but there was a vending machine that took only change. LOL
Don't know much about the airport, but I will say the staff was awesome and friendly. But, definitely and odd situation.

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After hanging out on the floor of the airport for an hour and a half we eventually got back in the air and back to Midland. Mind you we left Dallas at 10:30a and eventually landed in Midland at 5pm.

And later that day the Cowboys lost. Yep, not a great day. But I can laugh about it now. LOL