Many people are wondering are Christmas cards a thing this year? Christmas cards no doubt have evolved over the years. I remember in the 80's, my momma would send and our family would receive Christmas cards every single year, usually from the same family members. Some with a nice little picture on the front, a manger with the little baby Jesus, maybe a Christmas tree, or some ornaments and decorations and a nice little message on the inside that said Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

That was the case for a very long time, my mother would buy a variety box of cards for our entire family and she would mail them out. Cut to today, myself included, people like sending photos of their family. Many of us set up expensive sessions with a photographer, all in matching outfits, we get all dolled up hair, makeup, and  do a complete photoshoot. Then we send it as a nice Christmas card. That is what I have done since my oldest was a small child and he's 21 now.

Well now people are saying maybe instead of sending a Christmas card you post a photo of your family on Facebook or any type of social media and just share with everyone how 2020 has been like for you. Some are still working from home. Maybe the kids are still homeschooling. 2020 has been a very different year and many are saying share that in the form of a Christmas card this year. Let your friends and family know what you've been doing, tell them the hobbies that you picked up, give a health update on your family. No matter how you do Christmas cards, I say don't ever stop. That is my personal opinion. I absolutely love giving and receiving Christmas cards and I feel that  is a tradition that should never go away.

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