Send Christmas Cards Or Nah?
Many people are wondering are Christmas cards a thing this year? Christmas cards no doubt have evolved over the years. I remember in the 80's, my momma would send and our family would receive Christmas cards every single year, usually from the same family members. Some with a nice little picture on …
Summer Mummers Has Been Postponed
If you are like me and make it a point every year to check out Summer Mummers with family, friends or coworkers, I'm sad to say it may not be happening this year. Summer Mummers has been an annual tradition for many decades here in the Permian yet it was announced yesterday that unfortunately d…
electrical parade
Ok can I say I am extremely grateful to have been able to experience the Main Street Electrical Parade this past February one last time! Apparently 2 days ago, this long running tradition ended at Walt Disney World.