Yes I'm a Star Wars fan and yes I loved the movie. Of course. But, honestly I didn't know what to expect going into the movie!
I will say this, it did SURPRISE me and that was good.

I will not give any SPOILERS but here is what stood out!

1) WAR is strong in this movie. It is a WAR movie and it's cool to see the Rebels and Empire in the depths of actual ground war and such.

2) K-2SO is a new droid and YES he does steal the movie. He's got awesome lines and a droid with some attitude.

3) The BATTLES are spectacular...some of the best in nay Star Wars movie.

4) DARTH VADER!!!!! Not in the movie a lot, but when he is WOW! And, you will see him do things you never have before. Totally worth it!

5) Last 5 minutes will have you say WHOA!!!!

Okay I really can't say more without giving any spoilers but this movie is already one of my favorite Star Wars movies of all time.
When you see it, you will know why.

The force is strong with me and I am strong with the force.