TOGETHER AGAIN! After 10 weeks apart, the longest we have ever been apart in 18 years, Leo and Rebecca were reunited this week. I worked remotely from home and Leo was still in studio for 2 whole months! How did I feel about being back to work?

I'm totally excited to see most of my coworkers and have adult interaction however, I truly enjoyed being home with my children. In 18 years of doing a morning show, there is so much I have missed out on with my little ones. Taking them to school, waking up to their little smiling, bed head, eye booger faces, being able to make breakfast for them, the simple things. Did I get tired of being home? No. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely. For now, my work hubby will have to do. lol Don't tell Leo but I guess after about week 4, I missed him a little too.

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