Reunited And It Feels So Good
TOGETHER AGAIN! After 10 weeks apart, the longest we have ever been apart in 18 years, Leo and Rebecca were reunited this week. I worked remotely from home and Leo was still in studio for 2 whole months! How did I feel about being back to work?
Thanks To Our Friends At The Blooming Rose For Our Gift
Leo and Rebecca's Big 15 rolls on and a few days ago, our friends with The Blooming Rose gave away a fabulous prize! Even though we are giving our awesome listeners prizes for 15 days, Blooming Rose rolled in with a little somethin, somethin for Leo & Rebecca for our 15th anniversary. Sweet! We love gifts! lol
get the details
Let me tell you right now that my bowling skills are horrible! I have none basically but that doesn't matter because bowling is F-U-N FUN! How about bowling with Leo & Rebecca at Cinergy Odessa? That would be a ton of fun and as a matter of fact you have that opportunity!
Old McLeo Has A Farm
Ok I've gotta say, you think you know a person? I've worked with Leo, doing mornings, for well over 10 years and it seems like I learn something new about him everyday! lol Like today for example. I raced out to grab a bite to eat earlier and when I get back I spot this in the back of his truck. What the....?
Tanning Causes STD’s! WTH? (Audio)
Believe it or not, you can catch an STD from a tanning bed . . . although good luck in getting your significant other to buy THAT excuse. A dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota says it's possible to catch herpes or HPV from a tanning bed ...
Whistling Is Dead? Leo Doesn’t Think So (Audio)
70% of people say they hear less whistling than they did 20 or 30 years ago, and a cultural historian in New York says CELL PHONES are to blame. They provide us with endless distractions, so we don't need to whistle to occupy ourselves anymore...
Shave much?
Ok so as you can see, apparently the men at Townsquare Media are on strike from their razors! I took this picture and thought what's going on? I've never seen so much facial hair in the building at once. Then I started thinking and realized most of the men in the building are "scruffy" right now. This is actually a first, so I'm thinking 1 of  3 things is happening....