With Christmas now long gone, it is time for the decorations to go! We are all stuck with the task of now preparing for the next holiday. Take this decor down, the lights on the outside, the Santa's, Christmas trees, mini train set or what have you on the inside. Put it back in its place in the garage, attic or storage that you keep it in until next year. 

So with all of that being said, who do you think beats the other to the punch? Leo or Rebecca? Which one of us is in a hurry to start off the new year Christmas decoration free?

For starters, if you listen to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning, you would know because we say it often, that Leo is an HGTV fanatic, which means he loves a project. lol He is organized and structured. He is well put together and a perfectionist. His home is back to normal.

Rebecca on the other hand....well I plead the fifth. Can I pull the I have 3 kids card on this one? lol I am the ultimate procrastinator. I wait until the last minute for everything, I put things off and am always 'late to the party' which in this case refers to all things Christmas! If you come to my house right now I am the opposite of organized.

My trees are still up on the inside. Lights still on the house on the outside. I am the person who waits until I absolutely am tired of looking at my decorations, then I will kick it into beastmode and take them all down in one day. lol

So if you guessed that Leo has put away the Christmas decor first, congrats, you would be right!

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