I have a dear friend who works at a local liquor store and keeps me up-to-date with the lastest hip hop celebrities to come out with a wine or a vodka or tequila or what have you. She knows what I do for a living so she says did you know so and so has a new wine or rapper X has a new vodka flavor? Until she started working there I had no clue so many rappers dabbled in the adult beverage industry.

What you see in the photo has got to be one of my favorites. Ciroc=Diddy. Back in '07 Diddy signed on basically to be the face of Ciroc Vodka in exchange for 50% of the profit. Not a bad deal if you ask me for a once struggling brand. As soon as Diddy signed on, sales skyrocketed and this has got to be hands down one of my top 3 because of the various flavors it comes in. I've tried most of them. In 2009, Diddy went into partnership and released a tequila brand, Deleon tequila.

Then there's Post Malone. In May of 2020, he released his own French rose' wine Maison No. 9. Not surprisingly it sold out within the first week of release. I've tried it. Not bad.



Snoop Dogg is doing his thing too. Indoggo (pronounce Indigo) was released earlier this year in fact and is a strawberry flavored Gin. Would we expect anything less from the Gin & Juice rapper?

Believe it or not even Drake got into the liquor game. In 2016, Drake co-founded Virginia Black Whiskey. The bottle is gold and black, pretty fancy looking and in my opinion looks more like a bottle of men's cologne.

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