I'm such a Halloween-scrooge. Yes I just made that name up. Halloween is my least favorite 'holiday' of the year. I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually dressed up as an adult. Little Rebecca doesn't count because if my parents took me trick or treating I'm sure I loved it! But as an adult not so much.

I've tried to convince my 3 kids over the years to just stay home and pass out candy to the little trick or treaters that may come through our neighborhood but as most kids would react, their answer is always nope! They want to dress up and get out and about. Trust, every year instead of me dragging them around for candy, they drag me out. lol

*Back story, no doubt my dislike for Halloween comes from the childhood trauma of having two older brothers who loved nothing more than scaring their baby sister every chance they got. Think 1 or both brothers popping in my room, turning off the light switch and holding the door closed from the outside, (of course they were stronger than me) while laughing a spooky laugh like maniacs. There's little me in the dark screaming for someone to help me cause the cucuy was going to get me! Any chica who has older brothers probably feels my pain.*

What is your preference on Halloween? Stay home and have endless amounts of candy to pass out or actually take your kids trick or treating?

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