I'm more sad than John Snow in this pic right now. I feel like I've been stabbed by my fellow crows and left for dead. I move that we invite the cast and crew to a wedding hosted by the Frey's. How could they do this to us?

It's with a heavy heart that I inform you that Game of Thrones will not be coming back until 2019. I guess John needs time to process the fact that he just totes banged is aunt or something. More importantly, I'm still trying to understand why the white walker dragon didn't breathe ice or liquid nitrogen or something like that. More importantly still, why in the hell does the hottest, most desirable, and powerful woman in all the 7 kingdoms end up letting her nephew stick his Longclaw in her sheath? I thought the writers of GOT were sick in the head when they stabbed a prego woman like 9 times in the stomach, but this is just wrong lol.

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