Ooooh I love it when new convenience stores hit the 432! Well new to me, because they are new to the road I take on my drive home. For the longest time I have wished for loop 338 in Odessa to have a place for me to stop and grab a quick soda or a snack on my commute home or fill up with gas but there is nothing around that entire loop past 191. Until now! 


Shout out whoever decided this was long overdue! Not only is the loop getting one store, there are two being built within miles of each other. A Kent Kwik is going up rather quickly behind the Chimney Rock shopping center off of 191 and loop 338, complete with a Kent Car Wash and Huddle House. And right up the road on the corner of 87th street and loop 338, another Kent Kwik is being built.

Both look like they are at the same stage of completion and both make this girl very happy! I was so happy I took pictures of both to share with anyone that takes this same route on the daily. lol You're welcome. Legit back in the day, I ran out of gas on this very loop, partly because of my laziness (at the time I was young) and partly because there was no place for me to stop and gas up! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'll be there for the grand opening of both to thank somebody in person! lol
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